Resistance bands

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Product Description
  • COMPREHENSIVE ALL-BODY EXERCISE TOOL - Unlike many exercise equipment like leg curl machines and ab wheel which just have one single use, these resistance bands can be used to workout virtually every single body part. The resistance bands are so versatile that even can be combined with other equipment to create even more variety. Exercising with them result in a greater range of motion, strength and muscle growth.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE, EASE OF USE AND SPACE-SAVING - Small and compact enough to fit almost anywhere, making it easy to transport, you can maintain your workout regimen even when travelling. Plus, the bands are extremely cost-effective, you can use it to create an effective workout at home, in school or at the gym.
  • NATURAL LATEX RUBBER - Resistance bands are made from thick, durable latex rubber for reliable long-lasting strength. The sturdy band combines the best of elasticity, weight-resistant strength, and reliable support for optimal results and long-lasting performance. They won’t break on excess stress and won’t be easily deformed.
  • RESISTANCE LEVELS – FITSY Resistance Loop Bands are available in the following resistance levels: Medium Resistance (Black, 25-35 lbs), Heavy Resistance (Red, 35-85 lbs), Extra Heavy Resistance (Green, 50-125 lbs). These bands are perfect for men and women.

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